Cézanne’s Quarry Hardcover Press Release   (PDF: 25KB)  (.doc 1535 KB)   June 2008
Cézanne’s Quarry Trade Paperback  Press Release (PDF: 27 KB)  (.doc 38 KB)  Sept. 2009
Cézanne Family Applauds Historical Novelist Press Release ( PDF: 17 KB)  (.doc 56 KB)


Article: Historical Novelist Finds ‘Real’ Cézanne (PDF: 39kb)  (.doc 166)
—Barbara Corrado Pope’s Meeting with Aline Cézanne


Cézanne’s Quarry Cover  (JPG: 331KB)

Cézanne’s Quarry Trade Pb Cover 72 dpi for Web (JPG 101KB)   Fast Loading Web (JPG 27KB)  600 dpi for Print (JPG 2183KB)

Barbra Corrado Pope for Print (JPG: 188KB)
Barbra Corrado Pope for Web  (JPG: 19KB)

Photograph of Aline Cézanne and Barbara Corrado Pope (JPG 87 KB)

Cézanne’s Quarry Static Ads for Web  150X150 (.gif 17KB)     729X90 (.gif 47KB)

Cézanne’s Quarry Cover for Print (JPG: 331KB)



Excerpt of Cézanne’s Quarry  (PDF: 28KB)

About Barbara Corrado Pope  (PDF 32 KB)  (.doc 78 KB)

Conversation with the author : Q and A (PDF: 30kb) (doc 40.5 KB)

Praise for Cézanne’s Quarry  (PDF: 20KB) (.doc 55 KB)

Cézanne’s Quarry Full Media Kit  (PDF: 99KB)


Barbara Corrado Pope launches new career as a novelist  (PDF: 21 KB)   (.doc 50kb)
—Center for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon from the spring 2008 issue of the CSWS Review

 On YouTube

Cézanne’s Quarry book trailer

Television interview with Barbara Corrado Pope.
Barbara discusses her experience writing her first novel and the development of Cézanne’s Quarry on the UO Today Show.   Watch the interview here.


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